House numbers & Signs

Traditional carved signs & numbers made to order.
House numbers are £5.00 per digit on a rough edge or smooth edge, screw holes left and right or top and bottom.
House signs are £5.00 per letter for 50mm high or £3.00 per letter for 25mm high.
Colours are White, Silver, Gold or Black.
A variety of fonts are available.
2 or 4 holes.

Price list for House signs & Numbers
Polished or harressed edges
2 or 4 screw holes
£5 per letter
More than 10 letters slate free. Less than 10 slate charged at £10
Colours: White, Silver, Gold or Black

2 screw holes
£5 per didgit plus £2.50 for slate
Colours: White, Silver, Gold or Black

Delivery & pricing
£5.50 for numbers.

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